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Free P&G Assessment Practice Tests (2024 Edition)

Feb 01, 2024

The P&G Assessment refers to the evaluation process conducted by Procter & Gamble (P&G), a global consumer goods company.

P&G is well known for its large and diverse product range, including well-known brands such as Pampers, Gillette, Fairy and Crest.

The purpose of the P&G Assessment is to assess the skills, abilities and suitability of candidates for roles within the company.

The P&G assessments enable recruiters to identify individuals with the attributes and competencies needed to work in P&G's dynamic work environment.

The P&G  assessment evaluates attributes required to succeed at P&G, such as problem-solving skills, analytical thinking, leadership potential and compatibility with P&G's corporate culture.

The test is used in the early stages of the recruitment process for those applying for internships, entry-level roles, and experienced positions. This allows P&G to make objective and data-driven decisions about candidate suitability. 

This approach means that the P&G assessments play an essential role in identifying candidates who are qualified and have the practical skills and attributes needed to thrive in a role at P&G.


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The Format of the P&G Assessment Test

The P&G Assessment comprises different test types. The specific assessment a candidate takes depends on the role they are applying for. The different P&G assessments include:


P&G Peak Performance Assessment

The Peak Performance Test is a timed assessment lasting around 20 minutes.

It includes a mix of scenario-based questions, situational judgment tests, and personality questionnaires. This enables recruiters to gain a better understanding of an individual's characteristics, traits and workplace behavioral preferences.

Individuals are also evaluated on their values and whether these align with those of the role and P&G.

The test assesses various skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and decision-making abilities.

The test is multiple choice; candidates select the answer that best represents how they would choose to behave or their best response to the given scenario.

In the P&G personality assessments, candidates must rank the responses on a sliding scale.

Rankings are according to the way they would behave or whether they agree with the response given the situation presented. 

Scoring in this P&G assessment is based on a candidate's performance across different sections.


P&G Interactive Assessment

The Interactive Assessment is also a timed test. Candidates generally take 30 minutes to complete this test.

The assessment comprises three interactive game-based evaluations that assess a candidate's ability to handle real-world challenges.

These include:


P&G Switch Challenge

This is an assessment of an individual's deductive reasoning skills.

Candidates are presented with questions in the form of symbols or images. They must determine the rule or operator that connects and transforms the objects in a sequence.

Using this, then select which of the given multiple-choice objects follows next. 


The Digit Challenge

The digit challenge evaluates an individual's numerical reasoning ability.

The test taker is presented with various equations with a number missing. They must determine which multiple-choice answers represent the correct number to fill the gap and correctly complete the equation.


The Grid Challenge

The grid challenge assesses candidates' short-term memory and spatial reasoning ability.

Questions are given in the form of grids filled in with dots and squares. They must memorize where the dots and squares are on the grid and then complete tasks as given.

Once the task is complete, they must then determine where the dots and squares are located in the grid.

There are two to five rounds in the grid challenge, with the format alternating between memorizing a grid and completing an additional task.

The scoring in the P&G interactive assessment considers how well a candidate navigates through interactive scenarios. In the switch challenge, the questions get progressively more challenging. This means candidates have the opportunity to demonstrate their full deductive reasoning ability.

Some P&G assessments are also role-specific, ensuring that the relevant skills and attributes are evaluated as aligned to the position.

Examples of these include:


Sales Virtual Job Assessment

The Sales Virtual Job Assessment may vary in length but generally takes around 60 to 90 minutes. It includes sales-related scenarios, customer interactions, and problem-solving exercises.

This assessment evaluates sales acumen, customer relationship management, and strategic thinking.

Scores are assigned based on the candidate's performance in handling sales scenarios, demonstrating customer-centric approaches and problem-solving.


Plant Technician Assessment

The Plant Technician Assessment's duration can vary, taking up to 90 minutes.

The test includes technical and mechanical questions and scenarios related to plant operations.

Topics covered include technical knowledge, mechanical aptitude, and the ability to troubleshoot plant-related issues.

Scores are assigned based on the candidate's proficiency in technical areas and problem-solving abilities related to plant operations.


When Are You Asked to Take the P&G Test?

The P&G assessment tests form part of the early stages of the application process.

After submitting your initial application, you will be invited to take the online assessments. These assessments enable recruiters to determine which candidates in the applicant pool have the skills and attributes needed for a role at P&G.

Using the assessments in this way means that P&G can focus its later recruitment efforts on only the most suitable candidates for the positions they have to fill.

As the P&G assessments are online, candidates can take them at an appropriate place of their choosing.

In the email invitation to complete the tests, candidates are given instructions on accessing and completing the tests through the company's designated online platform. This allows for flexibility, as you can take the tests from the comfort of your own space.

Make sure that when taking the test, you do so in a room that is quiet and free from distractions.

If you successfully pass the assessments, you proceed to the next stage of the hiring process.

Those who do not pass the P&G assessments will not progress to the next stage of the application process.


How to Prepare for The P&G Assessment Test?

The P&G assessments may seem daunting at first. You can do several things to give yourself the best opportunity to perform to the best of your abilities.

Here are some tips for effective preparation:


Practice Similar Online Tests

Ensure you practice the types of tests you will be asked to sit as part of the P&G assessments. In doing so, you can become familiar with the attributes being assessed and how the questions are formatted.

Use online resources that offer practice tests. Simulate test conditions by timing yourself during practice sessions to simulate the pressure you feel when sitting the test.


Understand The Skills P&G Wants

Research the specific skills and competencies that P&G looks for in candidates. Align your preparation with P&G's these skills.

Skills such as problem-solving, analytical thinking, teamwork, and communication are all attributes valued by P&G.

Understanding whether you have these skills and how you have developed them ensures you can use them in the assessment process. 


Practice Time Management

P&G assessments must be completed within a specific time limit.

Practice managing your time effectively during the practice tests to ensure you can complete each section within the allotted time.

Develop strategies for quickly and accurately answering questions. For example,  if you find a question challenging, don't dwell on the question; move on; you can always return to it later if you have time. Remember, marks can only be given for questions answered correctly. 


Review Basic Concepts for Each Test

P&G assesses various skills, such as numerical reasoning, deductive reasoning, or situational judgment.

Refresh your memory on basic concepts related to these aptitudes. Review basic math concepts such as percentages, ratios and fractions for numerical reasoning tests.

Be familiar with how each question is presented in each test type. This can help you navigate through them more efficiently.


What to Keep in Mind When Taking the Test?

When taking the P&G test, it's important to keep specific key points in mind to maximize your performance:


Read Questions Carefully

Take your time to read each question thoroughly so you don't misinterpret the question. Pay attention to details, and ensure that you understand the context of the question before answering.

Some questions may include specific conditions or scenarios that you must consider before answering.


Use Example Questions

Make sure to go through the example questions before sitting the actual test.

The example questions familiarize you with the format and style of the questions you'll face in the actual assessment.

When taking the example questions, look at how the questions are structured to get a sense of what to expect during the test.


Don't Make Assumptions

Base your answers only on the information the question provides and any accompanying data or scenarios.

P&G assessments are designed to evaluate your ability to analyze information accurately, so stick to the facts presented in each question.

Refrain from making assumptions or drawing conclusions that aren't supported by the given information. 


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I pass the P&G Candidate assessment test?

To pass the P&G Candidate assessment test, practice similar online tests and review the basic concepts you will be assessed against.

In the test, read the questions carefully, complete any practice questions at the start of the test, and avoid assumptions during the test.

Stay focused and calm, follow instructions, and if you aren't sure of an answer, move on to the next question.


What is a good score on the P&G assessment?

A good score on the P&G assessment typically falls within the top percentile of test takers. Specific score expectations may vary based on the position.

When taking the test, focus on performing to the best of your ability. To do this, ensure you have prepared before the test and approach the test positively. 


Is P&G test hard?

The difficulty of the P&G online assessment varies according to each individual. Preparation, practice and effective time management contribute to an individual performing to the best of their ability. 


What is the P&G assessment in process?

 The P&G candidate assessment process includes online tests to evaluate candidates' skills, such as aptitude, situational judgment and personality assessments.

Candidates complete these assessments as part of the initial stages of the application process, enabling recruiters to determine whether they have the skills needed for success in a role at P&G.


How do I know if I passed my P&G assessment?

P&G informs candidates of their assessment results through the dedicated candidate recruitment portal.

Candidates should check their email or the online application portal for updates. If successful, you will receive instructions for the following stages in the hiring process.


Final Thoughts

The P&G Assessment is an assessment used in the early stages of the recruitment process. The P&G online assessments evaluate various skills, including problem-solving, analytical thinking, and relevant competencies for specific roles within the company.

The format can include aptitude tests and situational judgment assessments depending on the role, with the purpose of evaluating an individual's suitability for the position.

Preparation is essential and should include practicing similar online tests, mastering time management, and reviewing the fundamental concepts for each test type.

When taking the test, candidates must ensure they read and understand the instructions and use the practice questions at the start of the test.

Not making assumptions and using only the information given in each question is also an important part of doing well on the P&G online assessment.

Those who are successful at the P&G online assessments progress to the later stages of the recruitment process.

The P&G Assessment is an opportunity to showcase skills and potential.

Understanding the test and how to approach each question type means you can perform to the best of your ability, progressing through the competitive hiring process at Procter & Gamble.

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