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What is Thomas International GIA?

  • Thomas International is a test provider that specializes in intelligence and personality tests. They are one of the top international providers of aptitude tests.
  • The Thomas GIA is a cognitive ability assessment that evaluates general intelligence. The GIA test was initially created for the armed forces. The purpose of the test was to gauge military recruits' intellectual capacity. It served as the British Army Recruit Battery's (BARB) skeleton. In 1993, Thomas International transformed the GIA test into a psychometric test.
  • The GIA is divided into five sections, and TestHQ provides a customized package of tests for all five sections; they are designed to closely resemble the tests found in the GIA test. You will be completely prepared for your Thomas International assessment by using this Thomas GIA practice package.

Why Thomas GIA Tests?

  • The GIA test assesses a person's fluid intelligence, or their ability to absorb new information, use it to solve problems, and recognize patterns or trends. In fact, the results from GIA tests can be used to determine a candidate's potential as well as that of current employees.

  •  The GIA evaluates a person's capacity for learning and skill development as well as their rate of information processing. The General Intelligence Assessment is used for many different things, including hiring, training, managing, and determining training needs, guiding career paths, and benchmarking.

  • The validity and reliability of the GIA as a psychological test have been determined through extensive scientific testing. The GIA has been proven to be a reliable and consistent measure of trainability in numerous studies.

Which Employers Use Thomas GIA test?

  • The Thomas GIA is used by many businesses in a wide range of industries, despite its original use in evaluating the intelligence of armed forces recruits. Some of these businesses or employers include Yellow Pages, HSBC, Deloitte, JP Morgan, Knight Frank, and many others.

  •  The Thomas GIA may also be used to evaluate existing employees for training opportunities as part of their professional development.The test is frequently used in the recruitment process for graduate programs too. 

What Can You Expect From The Thomas GIA Test? 

  • The Thomas GIA test is divided into five sections: Reasoning, Perceptual Speed, Number Speed and Accuracy, Spatial Visualization, and Word Meaning. Each section tests a different set of cognitive abilities in job candidates.

    The GIA test is computer-based and takes between 30 and 45 minutes to complete, with two to five minutes spent on each section. You will be provided with a set of instructions and sample practice prior to each test.

  • Below you can learn more about each Thomas GIA section test, and try sample test questions and answers.



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How to Prepare for Thomas GIA Test

  • Learn a Lot: Practice Thomas GIA test examples are strongly advised on almost every Internet source you consult in order to be well-prepared for the assessment. Yes, this is very helpful, but we'd suggest learning more about Thomas GIA tests, reading study guides, and other resources. Take the TestHQ practice tests and go through the answers and explanations, which can be very helpful for you as you get ready for your own exam. Knowing what to expect during the test will improve your chances of passing several times.
  • Practice with Test Samples: This is unquestionably a crucial point. You can hone your abilities to calculate and carry out other mental tasks necessary for answering questions on the Thomas GIA test by practicing on test examples. As a result, prior to the actual exam, try to set aside time and practice as much as you can.
  • Practice in Real Life Situations: You might find it very beneficial to try to answer Thomas GIA-style questions in your regular life. Consider trying to identify patterns, anomalies, rotated signs, etc. when you read a text, look at some pictures, or observe some signs.
  • Recognize Your Strengths and Work to Address Your Weaknesses: Become familiar with each section of the Thomas GIA tests, recognize your strengths and weaknesses, and make a concerted effort to strengthen the latter.
  • Rest Before the Actual Exam: Keep in mind that you won't be able to focus on your task if you arrive at the exam feeling hungry or tired. Despite the test’s brief duration, make sure you take care of yourself by getting plenty of rest before you sit for it.



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