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Why TestHQ's SHL-Style Practice Tests?

Find out why this is the best study resource for your job assessments preparation, and the all-inclusive SHL-style practice test platform you'll ever use on the web.

  • Hundreds of Updated SHL-Style Practice Test Questions: Our test questions are designed based on the recent SHL-style assessments and we're always updating on a regular basis to ensure they are relevant whenever you need them for your job prep.
  • SHL-Specific Assessments: Each test question has been created and designed to simulate real-world questions that you may encounter during your exam.
  • Detailed SHL Study Guides: Our SHL-style practice tests comes with detailed study guides, tutorial videos and great tips on how you can tackle every questions and solve them faster than anyone else.
  • Performance Measurement: Our platform will help you in practicing smartly, measuring your performance to show you results, and explaining how you may improve.

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Numerical Reasoning

The SHL-style numerical tests focus on your logical ability - how you can quickly and coherently comprehend data with questions on calculations and interpretation of data showcased as tables and charts.

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General Ability Test

This SHL-style General Ability tests encompass a diversified variety of skills and cognitive processes, such as problem-solving and learning capability, featuring numerical, inductive and deductive reasoning.

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Verbal Practice

This test category examines your ability to deduce logic and comprehend texts. Based on the wording provided, you will have to select one of three options—true, false or cannot say.

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