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In the Saville practice test package, you will find a range of tools to help you learn as quickly and easily as possible.

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What’s the Saville Test All About?

  • A Saville test is a collection of assessments that are frequently taken as part of the hiring process or in order to advance within an existing position.
  • The test comes in many kinds and types but all of these types are utilized by the hiring organizations for assessing the suitability of candidates for proposed roles.
  • The psychometric aptitude tests cover all the areas, including ability, verbal, logical, numerical, and mechanical aptitude.
  • Some of these assessments are regarded as stand-alone, but more frequently, they are combined to create the combined tests that Saville publishes under their Swift series.
  • The Saville test also offers a renowned personality based questionnaire named the Saville Wave Personality Test. The test is based on an individual's behavior, traits, personality, and preferences for the workplace.
  • The personality test¬†helps the employers get a more in-depth analysis of the candidate‚Äôs traits and their fitness for the proposed position.¬†
  • Depending on the employer and seniority of the role you are applying for, there are different Saville assessments you¬†may be expected to take.¬†
  • As mentioned earlier, the Saville aptitude test might be taken on its own or even as a part of the Swift Assessments. The Swift Assessment is the most appropriate and rapid fire test that covers several areas and lasts for 9.5 to 24 minutes. A single assessment only looks at one specific skill, so it doesn't take long to finish the test.

What Employers Use the Saville Test?

  • Nowadays,¬†many¬†employees focus on hiring the candidates by checking on their mental ability, aptitude, behavior, and way of thinking. Therefore, in this regard, the best and most appropriate method to judge candidates is the Saville assessment.
  • Apart from recruitment, these companies also use the assessment for the development of their employees. As a result, it is easier to choose qualified candidates for prestigious higher-level positions.
  • Here are some of the major employers who¬†use¬†Saville Assessments to assess their employees when hiring for a role; Mercedes-Benz,¬† Danske Bank, Johnson & Johnson, Emirates Airline, Unilever, Nestle, Deloitte, Jaguar, Land Rover, NHS, PwC, L'Or√©al, McKinsey and many others.¬†
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