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Succeed in CAT4 Testing with Our Authentic Prep (2024 Updated)

Get access to our all-inclusive CAT4 practice tests and increase your chances of success in your assessments. This comprehensive CAT4 practice tests cover all the skill batteries and question formats for Levels A to G, featuring all the cognitive reasoning tests: verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and spatial reasoning.

Prepare for your CAT4 test with tailored practice questions and answers, and ace your actual test.

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Help Your Child Pass the CAT4 Test With Our All-Inclusive Practice Tests

Get access to our comprehensive CAT4 practice tests, (levels A to G) study guides, and in-depth solutions with explanations to help your child prepare for their assessment. 

Our CAT4 practice tests are designed to help your child reach their full potential and support them as they strive to do their best work. Depending on your child's year or grade level, this practice test includes all CAT4 test levels. 

Additionally, you have access to more than 800 questions that replicate the CAT4 test in its entirety. You or your child will be able to prepare for the test in just a few days of practice.

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This CAT4 package includes the following practice tests:

CAT4 Practice Tests For Year 4 (Level A) 
CAT4 Practice Tests For Year 5 (Level B) 
CAT4 Practice Tests For Year 6 (Level C) 
CAT4 Practice Tests For Year 7 (Level D) 
CAT4 Practice Tests For Year 8 (Level E) 
CAT4 Practice Tests For Year 9/10 (Level F) 
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All of our tests are developed by qualified industry experts and are accurate representations of real-world CAT4 tests used by top companies.

  • Hundreds of real practice CAT4 tests
  • Answers with detailed explanations provided
  • Get instant access anywhere anytime
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What is the CAT4 Test?

  • The CAT4 test (or cognitive abilities test) is an assessment that gives the teacher or school detailed information about a student‚Äôs true academic potential.
  • It is a more in-depth curriculum-based test that assesses their cognitive abilities, including focus, attention to detail, logic, and reasoning.
  • The Cognitive Abilities Test helps the teacher or school get a broader view of each student, their comprehension ability, and their learning capacity. The end result is that the teacher can support and push challenging or challenged students to reach their full potential by using the appropriate teaching aids and pace.
  • The CAT4 involves several tests, including verbal reasoning (verbal), quantitative reasoning (numbers), shapes and patterns (non-verbal reasoning), and spatial ability.
  • Teachers use the CAT4 to accurately identify learning preferences and group students with similar learning challenges or potentials to help them grow together. This ensures that no student is left behind.

What to Expect on the CAT4 Test?

  • Students or employees that take the CAT4 test should expect questions of varying lengths, the shortest being 8 minutes and the longest at 10 minutes.
  • Each module is divided into four sections, including verbal, non-verbal, numbers, and spatial. The verbal reasoning modules consist of three parts; they are:
    • Verbal classification involves choosing the answer that best suits a set of target words. It consists of 24 questions and is answered in 8 minutes.
    • Verbal analogies involve answering 24 pairs of word analogy questions in 8 minutes.
    • Number analogies are the last part of the verbal reasoning test and consist of 18 questions that are answered in 10 minutes.
  • Non-verbal reasoning modules consist of two sections. They are:
    • Figure Classification is where the student selects the image best suited to a set of target images. It consists of 24 questions for 10 minutes.
    • Figure matrices are 24 questions in 10 minutes where the student selects the best answer to complete 2 by 2 or 3 by 3 grids.
  • The quantitative reasoning or numbers test consists of three sections, including;
    • Number series and number analogies involve completing a set of number sequences and consist of 18 questions in 8 minutes.
    • The spatial modules test the student's ability to solve complex dimensional problems by imagining, transforming, and manipulating images and consist of figure analysis and figure recognition. There are no wrong answers. It is just a test.

Which Employers Use the CAT4 Test?

  • Schools, teachers, and employers in the education sector use the CAT4 test to assess a student‚Äôs ability, capability, and potential.
  • Furthermore, schools in the United States and the United Kingdom use this to measure academic potential and provide appropriate education support and guides to the student.
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  • CAT4 test ¬†package, developed by professionals in the field
  • 800+ questions¬†> A large bank of practice questions to help you increase your test score
  • ¬†A full selection of¬†figure classification and matrices, verbal classification and analogies, number analogies and series, figure analysis and reasoning tests¬†are included
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Improve Your Score Fast

In the CAT4 test package, you will find a range of tools to help you learn as quickly and easily as possible.

  • Detailed guides¬†>¬†With detailed explanations
  • Useful tips¬†>¬†Find useful step-by-step tips to help you pass each question
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Our tests are targeted to help you to get the job you want.

  • Real-time simulations¬†> Practice our timed tests which are designed to simulate the real test experience you'll face
  • Multiple-choice tests¬†> Practice tests that are the same as you'll face in the real exam
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  • Full-length CAT4 Test simulation¬†(level A¬†to G ‚Äď 4 tests)
  • Verbal Reasoning¬†Practice Tests¬†‚Äď Verbal Classification and Verbal Analogies¬†(6¬†tests)
  • Quantitative Reasoning¬†Practice Tests¬†‚Äď Number Analogies and Number Series¬†(6 tests)
  • Non-verbal Reasoning ‚Äď Figure Analysis and Figure Recognition¬†(6¬†tests)
  • Spatial Ability¬†Practice Tests ‚Äď Figure Classification and Figure Matrices (6 tests)
  • Full solutions and explanations
  • One-time payment. No recurring fees
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Get quick access to our customised CAT4 test and practice anywhere, anytime, even if you just have a few minutes to spare. You can resume where you left off with our user-friendly test practice system.

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