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Cubiks Test: Practice Tests/Guide/Tips

Dec 23, 2022

The Cubiks assessment, developed by Talogy, provides a comprehensive psychometric ability test used by many employers across the globe. This test allows businesses to recruit and promote the highest calibre of employees by thoroughly analysing their academic skills and personality type.

The Cubiks assessment is a thorough psychometric test used by employers across the globe to ensure they recruit the best talent.

This comprehensive screening assessment helps reduce bias in the hiring process. It ensures that every person faces the same evaluation, regardless of their socio-economic status. For this reason, many deem the Cubiks assessment much fairer than traditional interview methods.

This article will discuss the Cubiks test in detail. It will cover each distinct module, including the Logiks assessments, personality tests and situational judgement, and will give you a good idea of the types of questions you should expect.


What Is the Cubiks Test?

The Cubiks Test is a psychometric assessment developed by Talogy.

Cubiks tests have become a fundamental part of the recruitment process for many companies. In addition, various businesses also use these assessments when looking to develop careers and promote individuals to senior positions.

Cubiks is considered one of the most rounded tests of its kind, assessing candidates in logic skills, situational judgement scenarios and personality type.

This type of psychometric test challenges your ability to work accurately under pressure. There are tricky time constraints, and the multiple-choice answers are often very similar. This enables employers to separate out the highest level of candidates.


The Elements of the Cubiks Online Assessment

There are several different versions of the Cubiks Assessment Test. You should first be aware that there is an intermediate and advanced version of the assessment. Which edition you face will depend on the employer and position you are applying for.

Sometimes you will take the assessment at an external assessment centre, and sometimes you will be invited to take it online in your own home.

There are three core elements of the Cubiks online assessment:

  • Cubiks Logiks tests
  • Personality assessments (Factors and PAPI)
  • Situational judgement tests


Cubiks Logiks Tests – Cubiks Test Online

The Cubiks Logiks Test is then split again into three distinct sections:

  • Logiks Numerical Test
  • Logiks Verbal Test
  • Logiks Abstract Test


Numerical Reasoning Test

The intermediate version of the numerical tests has 16 questions, which have to be completed in four minutes. The advanced version, however, only has eight questions, with eight minutes to complete.

Several styles of numerical questions are used in the Cubik online test. These include mental arithmetic, number sequences and word problems. You may be faced with a graph, diagram or chart.

While the questions can appear relatively straightforward, they are conducted under challenging time restrictions.

After trying these practice questions, access more sample questions on TestHQ.


Numerical Reasoning – Cubiks Online Test Example (Intermediate)

30 handbags cost $1,460. What is the price of six handbags?

a) $292.00
b) $312.00
c) $411.50
d) $259.80
e) $235.25

Cubiks online test answer:  a) $292.00

To work out the cost of one handbag, divide $1,460 by 30, and then multiply this number by six to work out the price of six handbags.

Numerical Reasoning – Cubiks Online Test Example (Advanced)

Christina owns a paint shop that has seen a 78% increase in sales in the past twelve months. She has recently decided to increase paint bottle sizes by 35% in each bottle. The paint bottles now have 26oz. What was their original size?

a) 18.75 oz
b) 19.26 oz
c) 22 oz
d) 21.5 oz
e) 20.15 oz

Cubiks online test answer: b) 19.26 oz

The 26 oz bottle represents 135% of the original size (100% plus the 35% increase). Therefore to work out the original size, divide 26 oz by 135 and then multiply by 100, resulting in 19.26 oz.


Verbal Reasoning Test

For the intermediate version, candidates must answer 24 questions in four minutes. The advanced version contains 12 questions with a time limit of eight minutes.

As you might expect, verbal reasoning tests present candidates with a paragraph they must read and interpret quickly. There will then be a series of questions based on the one snippet of text.

Candidates may also face other word-based questions that test vocabulary skills, logical reasoning and the ability to work under pressure.


Verbal Reasoning – Cubiks Online Test Example (Intermediate)

'Complex' is the opposite of which of the following?

a) Scripted
b) Ambiguous
c) Simple
d) Uncertain
e) Monumental

Cubiks online test answer: c) Simple

Verbal Reasoning – Cubiks Online Test Example (Advanced)

Read the following paragraph

Janine runs a small local bakery that gets extremely busy throughout the summer months. She has expanded the business to provide online deliveries in the last five years and has taken on nine more staff members. However, many of her staff request annual leave over the summer, which can leave her stranded during her busiest and most profitable period. Therefore, she takes on several students on temporary contracts in the months of June, July and August to fill these gaps. She encourages the students to learn as much as possible and hopes these can turn into full-time job roles once their studies are complete. Students get paid the same amount as all full-time staff but are not entitled to holiday pay or sick leave.

State whether each of the following statements is true, false or impossible to tell.

Statement 1: Students are subject to the same disciplinary action as full-time employees.

Answer: Impossible to tell – The paragraph does not give us this information.

Statement 2: Students receive the same benefits as full-time staff.

Answer: False – They receive the same pay but not benefits such as holiday pay.

Statement 3: Students can carry out the roles of full-time staff in the summer.

Answer: True – The paragraph discusses the benefits of this.


Abstract Reasoning Test

For the abstract reasoning, you will have four minutes to answer 10 questions.

The abstract reasoning element of the Cubiks Assessment is designed to test your ability to recognise patterns.

Again, this also challenges your ability to work at speed under pressure.

Abstract Reasoning Question Example – Intermediate

Choose the next image in the sequence.

The correct answer is: c)

The pattern alternates between right-pointing arrows and triangles. So the next image will be a triangle. Additionally, there is an alternating pattern between large and small shape sizes (the first arrow and triangle are large, the second arrow and triangle are small, and the next arrow is large, indicating the triangle will be large too).

Both shapes also share marked corners in pairs. The first two have the top left corner marked, the second two have the bottom left corner marked, and the last image has the bottom right corner marked, indicating the next image in the sequence will have the bottom right corner marked as well.

Abstract Reasoning Question Example – Advanced

Choose the next image in the sequence.

The correct answer is: c) The image rotates 90 degrees clockwise each time.


Personality Assessments – Cubiks Online Assessment

Two personality assessments are used throughout the Cubiks tests: the PAPI test and Cubiks Factors. These personality assessments give employers an excellent insight into your workplace behaviors and how you will fit in with a team.

During the personality questions, there is no correct or incorrect answer.

Instead, you must understand the company’s principles and beliefs to ensure your solutions align. However, you should always answer genuinely and authentically. It is clear to employers when individuals are not answering honestly.


PAPI Personality Assessments Question Examples

Questions within the PAPI personality test are split into the PAPI N or PAPI I category.


PAPI N Example Questions

Here, you will receive a series of statements and be asked to rank whether you strongly disagree, disagree, slightly disagree, neither agree nor disagree, slightly agree, agree or strongly agree. PAPI N could include some of the following:

  • I am always a team player
  • I always strive for perfection
  • I thrive in an evolving environment

PAPI I Example Questions

PAPI I works slightly differently in that you will be given a selection of statements instead. You have to choose the one that most relates to you and an alternative that least matches your personality.

  • It is very important to be successful
  • I like to approach tasks creatively
  • I enjoy taking the lead
  • I always give 100%


Cubiks Situational Judgement Test – Cubiks Test Online

The Cubiks Situational Judgement Test (also known as SJTs) is similar to many other situational judgement tests you may have experienced.

You will be presented with a workplace scenario and a selection of possible next steps. Candidates are then expected to select the best option, giving the employer an excellent idea of how they will act in a business environment.

This is testing your decision-making and leadership skills, and your general workplace behaviour.

Interestingly, situational judgement tests are used for many roles, from entry-level positions to senior management.


Cubiks Practice Test Situational Judgement Example

Read the following paragraph carefully.

You work at a popular supermarket and are working a busy Saturday afternoon shift. You are tired from a hectic morning on the tills when the credit card transaction system suddenly stops working. Your manager advises you that it will be 30 minutes before the system is functioning again, and you have a large and growing number of customers in your queue.

Choose the most reasonable and least reasonable next action from the options below.

a) Speak with your manager and suggest someone speak to all the customers in the queue. It is vital that they understand the time frame, as some may decide to come back later in the day.
b) Take this opportunity to take your 30-minute break.
c) Ask your manager for the best course of action.
d) Continue serving customers but advise them they can only use cash.

The correct answer is: a) would be the best option here, and b) would be the worst.


Cubiks Test – The Five Personality Traits

There are five key traits that the Cubiks test assesses individuals for during the personality questionnaire. These are crucial indicators of candidates’ personality types and offer employers incredible insight into how candidates will act and perform in the workplace.

Remember there are no right or wrong answers on the personality questionnaire, just be yourself and learn to portray yourself accurately and in line with the employer’s ethos.



Conscientiousness is the first of the five personality factors, split into motivation and dependability.

As the name suggests, motivation, often referred to as drive, shows how passionate and determined an individual is. In the workplace, this is essential to ensure the candidate and the wider business continually grows and succeeds.

The second element of conscientiousness is dependability. A dependable person generally has great forward-planning skills and is crucial to an effective workforce.



This personality factor assesses the individual’s ability to work calmly under pressure in a precise manner. This skill is also tested heavily throughout the Cubiks Logiks tests.



Cubiks describes those who score highly for agreeableness as having ‘harmony seeking themes’. For an individual to be successful in the workplace, they must be able to act as a mediator between differing opinions.



Extraversion could be considered the opposite of agreeableness above. A strong mark for extraversion shows a powerful, confident person who thrives when performing leadership duties. However, it is crucial that the candidate can balance both sides of their personality delicately to be successful.



Openness judges the individual’s creativity and willingness to consider the opinions of others. A person who ranks highly for openness would generally be considered an empathetic person with an excellent imagination.


How to Prepare for the Cubiks Assessment

There are many elements involved with preparing for the Cubiks assessment. You should give yourself as much time as possible to ensure the highest chance of success.


Practice Basic Mathematics

The Cubiks numerical reasoning questions will assess mathematics skills you have likely not practiced in a long time. Therefore, it is essential that you revise basic algebra and mathematical terminology before attempting any Cubiks online practice tests.


Cubiks Assessment Practice

Your Cubiks test preparation should be completed well before your assessment date. An essential part is Cubiks practice test preparation, which will teach you what to expect on the day.

You should ensure you complete Cubiks test example questions from all assessment sections, including the personality assessments, situational judgement tests and Cubiks aptitude tests.

There is an abundance of free Cubiks test sample papers online, check out TestHQ.

If you expect the higher level assessment, ensure you revise Cubiks advanced practice test questions.


Understand the Cubiks Online Assessment

As well as practicing the content of the questions, you must also become familiar with the format. Furthermore, one of the most challenging elements of the Cubiks assessment is the demanding time pressure, so practicing under timed conditions is crucial.


Have a Comfortable Workstation

Another critical factor for success in the Cubiks assessment is having a comfortable and practical workstation. You should be in a quiet environment with a solid Wi-Fi connection.

Your surroundings should be free from distractions, with fully charged devices and power cables on hand.


Concentrate on Your Wellbeing

There is little point in cramming for the Cubiks assessment test the night before. Instead, you should focus on relaxing and getting a solid night’s sleep.

On the morning of the Cubiks test, ensure you are well hydrated and have eaten a healthy breakfast. This promotes the best brain function.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Cubiks test?

The Cubiks test is a psychometric assessment used in the recruitment process for many roles. It assesses candidates on various skills, including numerical and verbal reasoning questions, logic skills and personality types.


Is the Cubiks test hard to pass?

Many deem the Cubiks test very hard to pass. This is because of the high volume of questions and the challenging time constraints. Candidates must be fully prepared before attempting the Cubiks assessment.


Where can I prepare for the Cubiks test?

The Talogy website is a great place to start preparing for the Cubiks assessment. However, there is also a large range of resources online.


What kind of questions are on the Cubiks test?

The Cubiks test is split into three categories: Logiks tests, situational judgement tests and personality tests.

Therefore, candidates will face various questions ranging from challenging mental arithmetic to workplace situational examples.


How many questions are on the Cubiks test?

This depends on whether you take the Cubiks intermediate or Cubiks advanced version. Also, not all companies use the entire exam, as only specific modules will be relevant for the position.


What is a good score for the Cubiks test?

Unfortunately, it is tough to say what a good score on the Cubiks test is, as it is subjective to what the company is looking for.

For the Logiks assessments, you will be given a percentile score based on what others have achieved.

Whereas for personality tests, employers are looking for specific traits that indicate job suitability.


Where can I find more Cubiks practice test sample questions?

There are plenty of free Cubiks test practice resources online. Many guides are packed with various questions, but full practice exams are the best way to prepare.


Is the Cubiks test timed?

Yes, the Cubiks test is timed. The time limits will vary depending on whether you face the intermediate or advanced assessment. There is no time limit for the personality assessment.


Can you fail the Cubiks test?

There is no straightforward pass or fail mark for the Cubiks test.

However, employers who use this exam are searching for the highest caliber of applicants. Generally, you should strive to be in the top 20% of candidates.


Can you retake the Cubiks test?

It is unlikely that you will be able to retake the Cubiks test. So, unfortunately, you will have to reapply at the next staff intake to attempt the Cubiks assessment again.


What is the purpose of the Cubiks test?

The Cubiks test assesses candidates’ cognitive ability and personality type. It is often used during recruitment and when evaluating candidates for promotion.


Where can I find a complete guide for the Cubiks test?

The best place to start your Cubiks preparation is on the Talogy website. This thoroughly explains the various elements of the exam and gives various practice questions.


Final Thoughts

As discussed, the Cubiks assessment is a psychometric test used to assess candidates during the recruitment process for many jobs.

It can broadly be separated into three sections: logic examinations, personality assessments and situational judgement tests.

Within the logic section of the Cubiks assessment are numerical reasoning tests, verbal and abstract reasoning tests.

One of the most challenging elements of the Cubiks assessment test is the demanding time limits. Examining candidates’ abilities to work under extreme pressure is an excellent indicator of how they will perform in the workplace.

Those who are most successful start preparations early, focusing on ample practice tests under exam conditions.

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