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In the Talent-Q package, you will find a range of tools to help you learn as quickly and easily as possible.

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What’s the Talent Q Test All About?

  • Talent Q globally provides dynamic online psychometric tests, training, and assessment consultancy for talent management. It was founded by Roger Holdsworth in 2006, who previously co-founded Saville and Holdsworth Ltd (SHL) and later left it in 2002 to establish Talent Q. An international management consulting firm, Hay Group, acquired Talent Q in 2014. The Talent Q tests are administered by Korn Ferry, the parent organisation of Hay Group.¬†

  • The rationale behind the development of various different Talent Q tests is to evaluate a candidate‚Äôs skills, proficiency, personality, strengths, and weaknesses.¬†

  • Talent Q assessments include the Elements test suite, Aspects test suite, Dimensions questionnaires, Motivations questionnaires, and Situational Judgement Tests. Among these, Elements tests are adaptive in nature and consider the candidate‚Äôs performance in each question and adapt accordingly. Each test or questionnaire is designed to assess the specific abilities of a candidate and provide useful insight to the employer.

What Makes Talent Q Assessments Different?

  • Talent Q Elements tests are adaptive in nature. The dynamic nature of these tests distinguishes them from any other assessment you may have encountered so far. Dynamic assessment works in a way that if you answer a question correctly, a more complex question will follow.¬†

  • The complexity of the subsequent questions will keep on increasing as long as you keep answering questions correctly. In the event of an incorrect answer, the following question will have a lower difficulty level.
  • The test keeps adjusting the questions according to your performance. This is called Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT), and it serves as a tool to evaluate your limitations and full potential. This gives the employer a deeper insight into your maximum performance capability.
  • Typically, the test questions are individually timed and evaluate your performance under pressure. Once you have answered a question, you cannot edit or go back to that question. Unlike other assessments, Talent Q tests‚Äô questions may have a dozen or more options to choose the correct answer from.¬†
  • A large number of options makes it almost impossible to guess the answer to a tricky question. Similarly, the questions usually include a lot of extraneous information. It is crucial that you pull out only the relevant data from a question without wasting time. The tests require you to work smartly, quickly, and accurately all at the same time.

What Financial Employers Use Talent Q Tests?

  • Talent Q's clientele includes Ford, Volkswagen, AstraZeneca, Royal Mail, and others. Headliners in the finance sector like Macquarie, Deutsche Bank, Lloyds, Citi, and RBS also use Talent Q tests owing to their unique assessment methods.
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  • Talent Q-Style Elements (3 test guides)
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