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In the Situational Judgment Tests practice package, you will find a range of tools to help you learn as quickly and easily as possible.

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What are Situational Judgment Tests (SJT)?

  • The Situational Judgment Test (SJT) is a type of pre-employment assessment that employers use to assess a candidate's ability to make judgement calls and solve problems in the context of actual work situations.¬†

  • ¬†The test typically consists of a series of hypothetical situations that one might run into on the job, along with a number of potential responses, and the candidate must select the most appropriate response.

  • Following that, the responses are assessed to ascertain the candidate's decision-making skills, situational awareness, and capacity for navigating difficult and complex situations.

Why Situational Judgment Test?

  • Situational judgment tests (SJTs) are a tool used by employers to assess how candidates might react in the event of a real-life scenario that might arise at work.

  • SJTs shed light on a candidate's ability to solve problems, make decisions, and manage their emotions.¬†

  • ¬†Employers can assess whether a candidate is a good fit for the company's culture and values by looking at how they respond to hypothetical scenarios. This helps them better understand how the candidate might handle similar situations in the workplace.

Which Employers Use Situational Judgment Test?

  • Companies from different industries and from different parts of the world use¬†situational judgment tests during their recruitment process.
  • These companies include Jaguar Land Rover, NHS, Ernest & Young, KPMG, HSBC, PwC, Deloitte, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Civil Service Fast Stream, and many others.
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Björn Karlsson

I like how these SJTs were developed to help you understand specific workplace scenarios and situations, as well as how to handle them. These practice exams are really helpful because they have provided me with insight into what to expect on the actual test.

Jennie Manobal

"These SJTs are useful for getting ready for the actual ones. I appreciate that they have practice SJTs for graduates because they are explanatory. The scenarios include various situations to which you can relate."

Dave Nichols

"I was unsure of what to expect because I had never taken a situational judgment test, but these practice tests showed me what to expect on the real test and what is thought to be the most appropriate response to meet the requirements of the job. Thanks guys."

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How to Prepare and Pass Your Situational Judgment Test

If you don’t know how to prepare and pass your mechanical reasoning tests, these tips may be helpful for you: 

  • Carefully read the scenario: Before selecting a response, be sure to read and comprehend each scenario completely. Think about the situation and the characters' underlying motives.
  • Consider the company's values: When making your decision, take into account how your response fits with the values and culture of the business. 
  • Put ethics first: Prioritise responses that are reasonable, truthful, and show integrity because ethical considerations are frequently significant in SJTs.
  • Think about potential outcomes: Before selecting a course of action, consider the possible outcomes of each response. Take into account how your response will affect each of the parties.
  • Practice, practice, practice: By taking practice tests, you can become familiar with the format of SJTs. As a result, you will feel more confident on test day and will have a strategy for how to approach each scenario.
  • Keep your cool and stay focused: SJTs can be stressful, so try to maintain your composure and concentration throughout the exam. Take your time and carefully consider each response before moving on to the next scenario.

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