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What Are SHL Tests?

  • SHL is a leading provider of psychometric exams across the world. SHL tests are psychometric tests that are based on a scientific approach and assess the work performance of employees.
  • The importance of SHL tests has increased in recent years. Today, an impressive list of well-regarded companies from different industries include SHL tests in their recruitment procedures.
  • The reason for this is that more and more companies have realized the importance of having highly skilled personnel who are suitable for the job. They understand that investment in the recruitment process is preferable to losses due to wrong decisions that result in frequent changes of inadequate staff.
  • This guide is an introduction to SHL tests and their types, and includes examples of each of them.
  • Get expert tips on how to prepare and pass SHL tests, and find out answers to frequently asked questions about SHL aptitude tests.

Why SHL Tests?

  • SHL tests assess the different skills and knowledge of an employee or potential employee.
  • The three main categories of SHL tests include aptitude, personality and behavioural tests.
  • Usually, SHL tests are customised according to the specific criteria of a company. This allows them to assess the work performance of employees in a more efficient way.
  • SHL tests are multiple-choice, and only one answer is correct. You will only get marks for correct answers and the final score will be calculated as a percentile in relation to a relevant comparison group.

Which Employers Use SHL Tests?

  • Companies from different industries and from different parts of the world use SHL tests during their recruitment process.
  • These companies represent the financial sector (Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Goldman Sachs), international consultancy firms (KPMG, Deloitte, Ernst & Young), educational institutions (University of Cyprus, University of Macedonia, University of Stellenbosch Business School), etc.
  • There are also many companies from other sectors, such as Amazon, Adidas, Nissan, McDonald's, etc.

Why Do I Need to Take an SHL Test?

  • When you look for a job, companies will often require that you take an SHL test.
  • As a rule, SHL tests have different difficulty levels depending on the level of the position you apply for and are used to assess applicants for jobs from entry-level to management.
  • Large companies also use SHL tests when assessing their staff members for promotion.
  • Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional in your field, you should be prepared to take an SHL test if you are looking for a job or are waiting for a promotion.
  • SHL tests are not difficult; however, they usually have tight time limits and will assess your performance under time pressure. Therefore, the most efficient way to get prepared for an SHL test is to practice.
  • You can use our SHL practice tests to help you get ready for your upcoming assessment.

Types of SHL Aptitude Tests

  • Depending on the characteristics of the company, the job role and the specific features of the industry, SHL aptitude tests can be developed to assess either a single skill (reading, calculation, behaviour, etc.) or a mixed skill set (general ability tests).
  • Therefore, companies usually adjust their SHL aptitude tests to be relevant to a certain position.
  • Here you can read about the main SHL psychometric test types and try example SHL test questions and answers.
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  • Verify General Ability (3 study guides + 7 tests)
  • Verbal Practice (study guide + 24 tests)
  • Numerical Reasoning (study guide + 15 tests)
  • Inductive Reasoning (study guide + 11 tests)
  • Deductive Reasoning (study guide + 8 tests)
  • Mechanical Practice (study guide + 4 tests)
  • Checking Practice (study guide + 10 tests)
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How to Prepare for SHL Tests

As a rule, SHL aptitude tests are based on basic mathematics and English, and require some basic scientific knowledge. The tricky part is completing the test accurately within the defined time limit.

If you don’t know how to prepare for SHL tests, these tips may be helpful for you:

  • Know the exact type of test you will have to take: You can ask your recruiter to tell you what type of SHL test you are going to take. This will save time when you are preparing for the assessment and ensure you are preparing the right material.
  • Practice SHL-style tests: Using practice tests that properly mirror the test you will be asked to take is the most efficient way to get prepared for your SHL test.
  • Practice time management: Although most SHL tests only require basic knowledge, they test your ability to answer the questions correctly under time pressure. It is a good idea to set a timer when you practice SHL tests so you get used to the time pressure you will experience during the real exam.
  • Improve your weakest skills: All of us have weaker areas that we feel less confident in. If, for example, you feel less comfortable in mathematics, you should try to improve your knowledge and skills in this area by taking numerical SHL practice tests.
  • Set daily limits for your practice: Try to develop discipline and set daily goals for your practice.
  • Ask for advice from professionals: If you are going to take a numerical reasoning test, for example, it is also a good idea to read some helpful advice from the industry professionals. You can also speak with your friends and ask them to give you some questions that will help you pass personality and motivational tests.

How to Pass SHL Tests

There is no single key to success for passing SHL aptitude tests but here are some tips that will help you pass your upcoming SHL test.

  • Read the instructions carefully: This is extremely important for all types of SHL tests. Read all the questions slowly and try to pay attention to every detail of the information provided, the question and the answer options.
  • Keep focused on each question: Think about one question at a time, keep focused and don't distract yourself by watching the clock too much. Remember that time is the most important resource during SHL aptitude tests.
  • Do not forget about time management: Manage your time by keeping track of how many questions you need to answer in each test and how much time you have. Calculate how much time you can spend on each question and try to keep track. Remember that ideally, you should have enough time to attempt all the questions.
  • Answer all the questions: No marks are lost for wrong answers; therefore, it is a good idea to attempt all the questions even if you are not sure your answer is correct. If in doubt, it is better to guess than leave a question unanswered.
  • Keep calm and do not panic: Even if you get stuck, try to keep calm and think of ways to make an educated guess. Remember that your success largely depends on your mood and positivity.
  • Learn from your mistakes: If you don’t pass an assessment, remember that every failure makes you a step closer to your success. Think about the lessons you have learned from your past failures, understand what you did wrong, improve your skills and knowledge, and never give up.

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