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What Are Mechanical Reasoning Tests?

  • Mechanical reasoning tests are designed to assess your comprehension of fundamental mechanical concepts, principles, and systems.¬†
  • They measure your¬† ability to decipher and put into practice knowledge of machines, gears, pulleys, springs, and other mechanical systems.
  • These assessments are frequently used in the hiring process for technical and trade jobs, such as engineering and manufacturing positions, where a thorough understanding of mechanical concepts is necessary.¬†
  • The mechanical reasoning test questions may include written or visual scenarios.
  • Mechanical reasoning tests are designed to predict your ability to pick up new skills and execute tasks necessary for jobs requiring mechanical aptitude.¬†
  • The test results are combined with other selection criteria and tools for assessment to determine your suitability for the position or the role you're applying for.¬†

Why Mechanical Reasoning Tests?

  • In technical and trade jobs, mechanical reasoning tests are used as a pre-employment screening tool to assess a candidate's aptitude for mechanical concepts and systems.¬†
  • The tests help employers assess a candidate's comprehension of fundamental mechanical principles, which is crucial in determining their capacity to carry out technical duties in a position requiring mechanical skills.
  • Employers can use these tests to determine whether a candidate has the aptitude to pick up tasks and carry them out in a position requiring mechanical skills.
  • Mechanical reasoning tests give candidates objective information about their abilities, helping to remove personal biases and guaranteeing a fair and unbiased selection process.

Which Employers Use Mechanical Reasoning Tests?

  • Companies from different industries and from different parts of the world use mechanical¬†tests during their recruitment process.
  • These companies include Deutsche Bank, KPMG, Amazon, Baker Hughes, Chevron,¬†Coca-Cola, ExxonMobil, Mercedes Benz, PepsiCo,¬†Schlumberger, Volvo, Shell,¬†Unilever, and many others.


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How to Prepare and Pass Your Mechanical Reasoning Tests

If you don’t know how to prepare and pass your mechanical reasoning tests, these tips may be helpful for you: 

  • Practice: The most effective way to get ready for your mechanical reasoning test is to use practice tests that accurately mimic the test you will be required to take.
  • Read the instructions carefully: Read all the questions slowly and try to pay attention to every detail of the information provided, the question and the answer options.
  • Keep focused on each question: Think about one question at a time, keep focused and don't distract yourself by watching the clock too much. Remember that time is the most important resource during the test.
  • Do not forget about time management: Set a timer when taking practice tests for mechanical reasoning in order to become accustomed to the time constraints you will face on the real exam. Keep track of how much time you have and how many questions you have to answer on each test to effectively manage your time. Make a time estimate for each question and make an effort to keep track of it. Keep in mind that you should ideally have enough time to attempt every question.
  • Answer all the questions: It is a good idea to attempt all the questions even if you are unsure of your answer's accuracy because there are no deductions for incorrect responses. When in doubt, a guess is preferable to not responding to a question.
  • Keep your cool and don't freak out: Even if you get stuck, try to remain composed and consider how you might make an educated guess. Keep in mind that your attitude and positivity have a big impact on your success.

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