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What Are Korn Ferry Assessments?

  • The Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential (KFALP) is a thorough assessment for determining leadership potential.
  • Korn Ferry has developed a number of assessments for evaluating candidates for various roles and positions, drawing on decades of experience in search and development as well as a thorough review of academic and business literature.
  • Your employer may request that you take the Korn Ferry Leadership Assessments if you are a potential candidate for an executive position or leadership role.
  • This includes: Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential (KFALP), Korn Ferry Four-Dimensional Executive Assessment (KF4D), and Korn Ferry viaEDGE™.
  • The KFALP aims to provide data that is essential for individuals and organizations to consider as they evaluate leadership potential.

Why Korn Ferry Tests?

  • With its leadership and professional assessments, Korn Ferry Assessments aids organizations in identifying talents.

  •  In order to make sure you have the roles, skills, and talent you need to execute your future strategy, Korn Ferry helps organizations identify the talent and capability gaps in their organization. This empowers them to take the actions that result in success.

  •  Korn Ferry also helps businesses to know where they are headed and what people will get them there. It helps organizations to know a candidate's strengths and sources of motivation.

Which Employers Use Korn Ferry Assessments?

  • Korn Ferry Assessments are used by employers to assess the future leadership potential of their employees or prospective candidates and their suitability for a particular level of leadership. 

  •  Employers use these assessments to examine how well an individual’s traits, abilities, skills, goals, and strengths align with the future vision of their organisation.

  •  Various multinational organisations use Korn Ferry assessments, including Citi, Royal Mail, Bank of England, Standard Chartered, and Union Bank of Switzerland.

What is the Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential (KFALP)

  • KFALP is an extensive assessment for evaluating leadership potential. The assessment evaluates an individual on the basis of the following factors, known as the 7 signposts:

    • Drivers
    • Experience
    • Awareness
    • Learning agility
    • Leadership traits
    • Capacity
    • Derailment risks 
  • Leadership potential accounts for the future potential and possibilities, not what is currently.
  • By concentrating on measures related to what could be, the assessment provides crucial data about people that differentiates those who have successfully progressed from those who have not progressed. Therefore, the norms are applied to give information relative to leaders who have progressed.
  • The KFALP provides data useful for individuals and organisations to think about, as they consider leadership potential. It is not created for selecting candidates for specific jobs. 

  • It takes 35-40 minutes to complete KFALP. It consists of several branching items, and a number of items need multiple responses. For most participants, the total number of responses ranges from 240 to 280.
  • You may also be asked to take Raven’s Progressive Matrices(RPM), which is a non-verbal test that evaluates general human intelligence and abstract reasoning skills. RPM may take another 40 minutes. 
  • Here you can learn more about how to practice Korn Ferry Assessments and try example Korn Ferry test questions and answers.


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  • Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential (KFALP) guides
  • Raven's Progressive Matrices (study guide + 6 tests)
  • Situational Judgment Test (study guide + 6 tests)
  • Numerical Practice (study guide + 9 tests)
  • Verbal Practice (study guide + 9 tests)
  • Logical Practice (study guide + 5 tests)
  • Checking Practice (study guide + 3 tests)
  • Full solutions and explanations
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How to Prepare for Korn Ferry Assessment 

If you don’t know how to prepare for Korn Ferry Assessment, these tips may be helpful for you:

  • Discover your career goals:¬†Take time to reflect on your short, mid, or long-term career goals. In the career planning sub-dimension, the test indicates what you aspire to achieve in your career. To be a successful leader, it is generally essential to set clear and meaningful career goals. Therefore, to score high, you need to have a clear understanding of what you want to accomplish and why you want to achieve it.¬†¬†

  • Employ self-awareness:¬†Being self-aware is pertinent to being a successful leader. Before taking the test, spend time thinking about your strengths and weaknesses. Reflect on how you overcame your weaknesses, what you learned from your experiences and how you utilised that learning, your triggers and how you managed your openness to new ideas and suggestions.¬†

  • Get to know the types of leadership:¬†Leadership Potential Assessments are often used as a tool to assess the suitability of a candidate for promotion to a certain managerial role. These roles range from first-level management to the CEO. Each one of these roles comes with a different set of responsibilities and may require a different set of abilities. Therefore, knowing the different types of leadership can help you formulate a well-informed answer.

  • Know your test and practice:¬†Knowing the format, structure, and other specifications of the test is important. It can help relieve the stress when you take the actual test. Find practice material that closely follows the actual test and informs you of what to expect. Solving practice questions can help you acquaint yourself with the nature of questions that you may see in the actual assessment.¬†

  • Be confident:¬†Practising self-awareness, reflecting on your career goals, knowing about leadership types, and learning about the test format and structure can help you answer the questions firmly and confidently.¬†

  • Test day preparations:¬†Make sure that you take the test in a peaceful and distraction-free environment. Get a good night‚Äôs sleep before the test. It is important to take the test with a rested mind so that you can focus on the assessment and carefully answer the questions.


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