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All of our tests are developed by qualified industry experts and are accurate representations of real-world SHL Verify general ability tests used by top companies.

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Buy SHL General Ability Practice Tests for $69

What Are General Ability Tests?

The SHL general ability test covers three assessments (numerical, inductive and deductive).

The SHL numerical reasoning test, in particular, is intended to assess a candidate's ability to deal with statistical data and draw appropriate conclusions from it.

The SHL deductive reasoning test is based on using the deductive inferences reasoning technique to measure one's ability to solve a problem.

SHL inductive reasoning tests typically focus on logical and diagrammatic reasoning and are carefully planned and designed to analyze a candidate’s ability to draw inferences and understand the relationship between different elements or concepts.

SHL general ability tests (also known as Verify G+) are typically designed for candidates applying for graduate-level or above positions. The tests are thorough evaluations that include questions on a wide range of cognitive topics. 

If you practice using TestHQ's SHL-style general ability practice tests, inductive, deductive and numerical reasoning tests, you will be ready to ace the real assessment. 

What Should You Expect on SHL General Ability Tests?

The SHL general ability test is a generic type of SHL test that includes a range of test types to assess the overall cognitive abilities of the applicant. So it provides a 'general' assessment of your skills.

The test usually lasts 36 to 46 minutes and requires you to answer roughly 30 questions. However, the average number of questions can depend on the position you have applied for.

As the SHL general ability test is a mix of different types of SHL tests, we will present examples of each particular type in the sample questions and answers section below.

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Buy SHL General Ability Practice Tests for $69

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